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SHALABHANJIKE - 9th Show on Friday, 17th September 2010

Dear All,

Antharanga is staging the 9th show of Shalabhanjike on Friday, 17th September 2010 at KH Kalasoudha, behind Ramanjaneya gudda, Hanumanth Nagar, Bangalore at 7:00 PM sharp.

Please do come and encourage us. Please spread the message amongst your family and friends.

We have given 8 successfull shows and good response to the play from thousands of people so far...

The story of Shalabhanjike is written by Dr. K.N Ganeshaiah, who is known for unique writing skills with major stories to his credit including Chita Danta, Dharmastambha, Karisiriyana, Kapilipisara, etc. The writer is an agricultural  scientist by profession. His stories have been published by the kannada magazine "Sudha", recent one being "Chita Danta". The story "Shalabhanjike" was published in the year 2004.

The playwright for this story is Sri. S.R. Girish from Shimoga. 

This play was first performed by Antharanga troupe at Rangashankara on 11th December 2009, as a part of  "Natka Benglooru" theatre festival under the direction of the young director Smt. Archana Shyam.

Archana Shyam is the daughter of Sri Uncle Shyam (M.S. Shamasundar), Secrtary of Antharanga troupe. She has around 15 years of theatre experience to her credit and this is the first major play she has ever directed.

Details of the Play:

Story:                                  Dr. K.N. Ganeshaiah
Playwright:                          S.R.Girish (Shimoga)
Music Composer:               Narayana Raichur
Song Composition:             Ramnath (Archaka)
Jambe and Tabala:             Raghavendra
Flute:                                   Anil
Vocalist:                             Vijayendra Athanikar
Stage Properties:               Shashidhar Adapa
Setwork and Make-up:      Vijay Benacha
Setwork & Make-up Asst:Gururaj
Lighting Design:                 Mustafa
Lighting Assistant:             Surabhi Vasishta
Choreography                  Deepa Bhat
Rehearsal Incharge:          Pavan Kumar
Supervision & Publicity:    Uncle Shyam
Set Design, Costume Design and Direction: Archana Shyam


Gopal (Passenger)                            Ranganath Rao
Sadashiva Bhogle (Passenger):         H.V. Nataraj
Nagabhata (King):                              Vijay Jois
Govinda (Sculptor):                            Sridhar
Dantidurga (King):                             Ramprasad Banavara
Maladevi (Queen):                             Sowmya Murthy
Minister                                            Ravi
Soldier                                               Muralidhar Govindaswamy
Sword Fighters:                                  Hoysala and Timmegowda

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